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About Anya

Anya Terebenina-Taggart is an award winning Russian Artist, Senior Designer, Art Director, Blogger and Photographer, currently living and working in USA with clients across the US and in several foreign countries.

Whilst she works in Advertising as an Senior Designer, her fast-paced agency experience has allowed her to deliver proven results through a broad offering of capabilities from concept to finished art. Anya is always open to take on freelance projects in a creative, passion-filled environment with exceptional people who are in love with life and the art of conversation, every single day.

Her work is not about making something look good, but creating an emotional response that means more than just a pretty picture.

Anya understands that big ideas and effective strategy dictate compelling design. Her portfolio demonstrates her love affair for design and is a brilliant mixture of letterpress business cards, web design, photography, leaflets, and brochures.

In addition to all this, she hates to be on the receiving end of the camera. So this is the best photo of her.


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