Dec 17

Cautionary Tales: The High Cost of Ignoring Product Research in Startups

Cautionary Tales: The High Cost of Ignoring Product Research in Startups EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As a Principal Designer, I was invited to contribute my UX/UI design expertise to a project to enhance nonprofit organizations' fundraising capabilities. This endeavor centered around leveraging blockchain technology, presented both a challenge and an opportunity to apply human-centric design principles. CONTEXT: BRIDGING TECHNOLOGY AND PHILANTHROPY Tasked with developing a user-focused solution, I embarked on a journey to align blockchain's potential with the needs of nonprofits. The initial hurdle was the complexity and need to understand blockchain technology among critical stakeholders. My approach was rooted in empathy and user engagement, prioritizing interviews and in-depth research to uncover the real-world applications of our technology in the nonprofit sector.   RED FLAGS: IDENTIFYING AND ADDRESSING CRITICAL GAPS The project's early stages revealed oversights. Despite the advanced technology at our disposal, there needed to be more paying customers and a reliance on assumptions rather than concrete data. Recognizing the gap, I spearheaded an initiative to validate the application of blockchain, nodes, and erc-20 tokens in our target sector, driven by a commitment to creating meaningful and impactful solutions.   RESEARCH AND INSIGHTS: A DEEP DIVE INTO THE NONPROFIT WORLD My […]
Nov 07

Donation App for the needs of Ukraine

Donation App for the needs of Ukraine About the project In Ukraine, numerous charitable foundations and programs are dispersed across social networks and websites. The purpose behind the creation of Ukraine Support is to consolidate all charitable initiatives into a single application. Problems Some individuals do not use social networks, thus missing out on many donation platforms. Foreign users looking to assist Ukraine are often unaware of the majority of charitable foundations. Copying donation account links from social pages is inconvenient, and not all money transfer methods are supported. Not all charitable projects provide reports detailing how donations were utilized. Users may experience a sense of the insignificance of their donations.   Solutions A unified application database for charitable programs can draw the interest of foreign users. The application has the potential to engage users who do not actively use social networks. Offering a streamlined money transfer system that saves users time. Transparency in publishing expenditure reports instills confidence in the fund among users. Utilizing an alert system, sharing reviews, and presenting statistics make users feel actively involved in charity work and valued.   We conducted an analysis of prospective users to identify the issues and challenges they are facing. […]