Feb 18

Chambre de Sucre & Tea no. 104

I consider myself to be a very fancy person. But lately, I’ll choose comfort over style most days. If I brush a few coats of mascara on my eyelashes in the morning before work, I feel dressed up. Still, there are moments when even the least fancy among us want something just a little bit more so. Enter Chambre de Sucre.

I admit, that I was somewhat skeptical at first glance. Fancy sugar? Fancier tea? I’ll stick to my Earl Gray with lemon, please and thank you. But when I received a package by post filled with tiny packets of beautiful sugars, I could feel the tides begin to turn. I think I had something of a fancy epiphany.

The tea blends from Chambre de Sucre are delightful. The No. 104 is my favorite: a blend of organic white tea leaves, rose petals, and chrysanthemum blossoms. I couldn’t bear to hide away the leaves in my white tea pot, so I brewed a cup in my french press instead. It’s a tea that’s almost as delightful to watch brew as it is to drink, and that’s saying something.

chambre de sucre - sucre pierre, amber sugar, and mini cubes

Then there are the sugars. Erring on the side of simple, I most loved the tiny amber crystals and the blocks of tiny brown sugar cubes and sucre pierre. For the truly fancy, there are sugars in the shape of miniature flowers and hearts and stars, and oh my.

If you’re in the market for a little boost in your personal fancy factor, I’d say that investing in a box of fancy sugars might be just the trick. Stuffing a stocking or two with a package of tiny amber crystals? Sounds about right to me. At the very least, consider adding a few to your personal sugar bowl. A proper pot of holiday tea deserves a little something extra.

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